HKJK flyout || “taking Kenya to the world” @ HKJK - 141900ZOCT19

credit: me ;)

Hello and welcome to my second event.
In this event we’ll do a Jomo Kenyatta international airport flyout

                     ABOUT JOMO KENYATTA INTL

Jomo Kenyatta international lays near Nairobi (the capital) and is the hub of Kenya Airways, Jambojet, fly540 and African express Airways.
This airport served around 7 million passengers in 2016, making it the 7th most busy airport in the whole continent. It has a lot of routes to discover (mainly operated by Kenya Airways though)
More about Jomo Kenyatta international can you find here:


Gates, main terminal
  Gate      ||          Route      ||         aircraft      ||      pilot ||       Callsign            
            1A          NBO-DOH         Qatar a320         @Takahashi QR1336   
            2A         NBO-JED          Saudia a320
            3A         NBO-IST           Turkish 77w
            4           NBO-LHR          Kenya 788
            5           NBO-DXB          Emirates 77w
            6           NBO-AMS          Kenya 788
            7           NBO-CDG         AirFrance 772    
            8           NBO-JFK          Kenya 788 
            9           NBO-AMS         KLM 744
           10          NBO-LHR         BA 744
           11          NBO-ADD        Ethiopian 788   @Starz_Flyz   TOTO 
           12          NBO-FIH          Kenya 738
           13          NBO-JNB         Kenya 738
           14          NBO-DXB        Kenya 788
Gates, G terminal

Gates || route || Aircraft || pilot || callsign
G15 NBO-ADD Kenya E190
G16 NBO-LOS Kenya 738
G17 NBO-JIB Kenya E190
G18 NBO-JNB SA a320
G19 NBO-JRO Kenya E190
G20 NBO-ZNZ Kenya E190
G21 NBO-BOM Kenya 738

I know there are aircraft here that dont have the livery in IF, please use the generic livery then. Thank you
cargo Gates will be added if you guys all really want Cargo routes

we won’t use aprons…

Further Information

Server: Expert

Airport: HKJK

Time: 2019-10-14T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: If there is no ATC please respect unicom
Dont spam unicom
Trolling won’t be tolerated
Please respect each other
Maintain safe distance from each other while taxi/takeoff
Have fun!! :)
Thank you for visiting my event.
I hope to see you there :D


Maybe anyone wants to join?

I’ll take Gate 11 in Main terminal, callsign TOTO

Okay, i’ll sign you up

I’ll look into this event in the future when I know my future plans! :)

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Is this for real world flights only?

I only put in real life flights, yes

I’ll take a slot:

Flight: QR1336
Airline: Qatar Airways
Departure Gate: Gate 10
Flight altitude: FL370

Okay, I’ll sign you up later. Got hockey training now. But see you there :D

You mad if I put you in Gate 1?

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Gate 1 is totally fine :)

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