Hkjk-eham screenshots

flighttime 8h-24min
touchdown v/s -200 fpm
atc tower/ground/atis @Greaser thx for giving the atc and much respect for handling the busy airport on his own.
non pic featured @Andy_R @JetAirwaysVirtual
approach atc unknown plz let me know if you handled kenya flight 118 heavy and ill add you
expert server

lift off from nairobi

flying past @AustrianVirtual member @robert_ng001

another @AustrianVirtual member @Nefarious

triple in a row here another @AustrianVirtual member @CrazyBee

same text here but with @AustrianVirtual member @Luu

singapore a380-800 passing by at 1000 feet apart
IFC not linked

my hometown edam-volendam, here the planes pass at 600-800m over my house when there are strong winds with rwy 22 in use

touchdown v/s -200fpm

short final rwy 18C
touchdown v/s -200fpm

taxing to the gate with @Golf_HR landing at 18C

at the gate with @d4niel&@marthurin_garcier

this was my journey hope you enjoyed, had to remove some shots sry guys


Hi, sorry, unfortunately, I saw your post the count 15 and the mods what did he say no more than 10 pics limited important, and the best your pick up enough 10 pics and 5 lists can be removed, please.

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oh im sry its my first time creating a topic ill change it

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Oh, I see. I understood you will be fine do not worry. Please be careful the read the topics in the rules listed screenshot about post only 24 hours limited and also 10 pics limited here on IFC. To hope you enjoy the game Have a good day!

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Thx you too

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My pleasure.

All them Austrian A321 would be from @Haribo amazing event from EGCC !

Yeah we came form the EGCC Fly Out and had a very nice Show there befor we startet the Flight


Hey 👋☺️
I was really surprised to see myself here ☺️

Nice shots mate 🙌❤️

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AUA Demonstration Team Performance 😌😏

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Wow, that screenshots looking sick🔥

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