HKJK-EHAM Kenya 788!

I’ve just flown HKJK-EHAM and I want to share this experience with you guys 😊
Server: expert
Route: HKJK - EHAM
Flight time: 7h 37m
Aircraft/livery: Kenya Airways 787-8

Me making myself ready for takeoff

Takeoff at HKJK, set destination Amsterdam

I just love the scenery in Africa, that’s why I’ll post Some screenshots just because i like scenery

Flying over desert in Sudan

Leaving Africa by saying one last bye to the Sahara desert

Arriving in Europe

Flying above Germany, getting ready for approach

Touchdown at runway 24 at AMS

Arrived at gate by the F pier

Thank you for reading,
and let me know What you think of the screenshots.


Some of the pics while you’re in the air won’t load, but the ones I can see, they’re great!


Nice photos!

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Thank you guys very much :)


May have to fly in Africa looks amazing

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Nice photos.

The first time I had ever seen a B787 was back in early 2017. I had just made my annual trip back to Holland and saw a Kenya Airways 788 when taxiing back to the gate…


Nice route but maybe next time Some pictures of the whole plane :D

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Yeah, the scenery there is always stunning (my oppinion)
You have there: the desert, savannah, jungle and cities.
Lovely routes to fly there

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@BosnianAviation, if you want more nice screenshots (not from this flight though) PM me and i’d love to show them :)


That would be great bro

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Nice pictures👏👏👏👏

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Thank mate

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It is very amazing to see how far you have come!

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The difference between here and number 100… breathtaking!