HKG Spotting

I had some time to do spotting a couple of months ago, but I never bothered sorting the pictures until now.

Yes, the white balance does look a little strange for some of the pictures, but I’m too lazy to re-export everything in Lightroom.

Everything was shot on the Canon EOS Rebel T5 (1200D/Kiss X70) with the EF85mm f/1.8 USM lens.

Polar Air Cargo - Boeing 747-87U (F) - N851GT

Cathay Pacific - Boeing 777-367 - B-HNI

Japan Airlines - Boeing 777-246ER - JA701J

Cathay Dragon - Airbus A330-343 - B-LBG

Singapore Airlines - Airbus A350-941 - 9V-SMD

Cathay Dragon (Dragonair Livery) - Airbus A320-232 - B-HSR

Air China - Airbus A330-343 - B-5919

Malindo Air - Boeing 737-8GP (Winglets) - 9M-LNM

Vanilla Air - Airbus A320-214 (Sharklets) - JA07VA

Peach - Airbus A320-214 - JA818P

Cebu Pacific - Airbus A320-214 (Sharklets) - RP-C4108

Ethiopian - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner - ET-AOP

That’s everything I have for this post, thanks for reading!


Where are the photos??

They’re working on my end, are they not showing up for you?

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If I had to guess, it probably begins somewhere at the top of this thread ;).

Awesome photos man. A bunch of great spotting topics today including yours :).


Yea they arent. Probably a problem on my phone
@Kevin not helping.

Check your internet speed, those pictures are bigger than most attachments you might come across on the IFC. Or you might have imgur blocked on your network.

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Yup they are showing up now. Im on a cellular network soo yea

Nice shots! Just a question, why didn’t you go up to the skydeck?

Maybe price? Because to go up its 15 HKD for an adult, it’s not too much but maybe?

Unfortunately, the skydeck was closed on the day I set aside for spotting. I was gutted, but I found a better spot. It was excessively hot outside that day.

Considering that it cost me HK$32 to get to the airport and $60 for lunch, the entrance fee was the least of my concerns. XD


I love to see some of my home town’s spotting pictures! beautiful images!

Aww yes! I’m from Hong Kong so yeah. But I live in England. It’s a shame my family didn’t stay in Hong Kong although I probably wouldn’t be playing IF if I was still in Hong Kong because my family hard poor there. Anyway nice photos really like the 747 and the 78s

Nice, you’re lucky to have some blue sky, quite rare in HK. Btw that Singapore A350 is awesome.

That’s unlucky. When I went they were using 7L/R, so I couldn’t get any decent landing shots. I’m heading over to Hong Kong for a day trip later in the month, hopefully I can convince my mom to bring me planespotting 😏

Ah, the magic of Lightroom and the dehaze tool will forever mystify my dear readers. XD

Top tip: Always shoot RAW kids, you never know when you’ll need it.


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