HKG-ICN|Cathay Pacific A350|Flight 438

1) A short hop over to Seoul.

2) A short travel upto South Korea in Cathay Pacific A350, in the expert server

Welcome on board Cathay 438

And we have taken off from Hong Kong

A quick glimpse of Hong Kong

Some Time later, we overfly Taipei

After a nice travel over water, we have reached South Korea.

Nice little view from the cockpit of our destination, even though it’s barely visible

A turn toward runway 05R at Incheon Airport

Nice landing at the airport!

And this where the flight comes to an end.


nice. I love the Cathay livery, it’s epic.

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Thanks mate!

Like @anon41771314 I love the Cathay livery on the A350! Seen it irl, it beautiful! I might do this flight in the future, your screenshots have inspired me!


Thanks! I recommend this short flight!

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