HKG Christmas spotting 22,24,26/12/2018

I am currently having a winter holiday so I’ve got plenty of time for spotting in VHHH.
22/12 morning: aircraft maintenance area
evening: skydeck at terminal 2
24/12 terminal 1 bus stop
26/12 skydeck at terminal 2

First day morning:

The KLM Boeing 747-400(M) from Amsterdam

The last(?) Qantas Airbus A330 service on the route QF29 from Melbourne to Hong Kong

A Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 which was bought by United is waiting to be painted outside the HAECO ( Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited)

First day evening:

Air New Zealand upgraded her service from Boeing 777 to Boeing 787. I really want to to the all black 787 in Hong Kong.

Second day:

Tukish Cargo is reinforcing her service in Hong Kong. I gonna try to catch their A330-200F. This is their Boeing 777F to Bishkek.

The star of that day: N78017 in the Star Alliance livery bound for New York Newark

Third Day:

The QF29 after being upgraded to a Boeing 787-9. She was one of the aircraft that made spotters rush to the front row in order to take a picture.

AC7 from Vancouver was also upgraded to a boeing 787-9. It’s also my first time to see an AC 787-9.

She was the one who brought the spotters stayed under the sun for a few hours, the D-AIMD from munich in the new livery. It’s also her first time to land on 25R after her painting. Before being repainted, she also operated this route quite frequently. Her livery is quite nice after the repaint.

I will probably go to spotting on the next sunday. Stay tuned for the next thread! (Hint: the target will be cargo aircraft)

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Very nice photos! Love those 777s as always😍

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The KLM looks stunning and the Lufthansa A380 in the New Livery, just beautiful 😍

Lovely Pictures to say the least, love them all ❤

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Them 787s look nice. good job mate :)

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Spectacular photos mate! A lot of upgrades happening in a few days. 😂

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All because of Christmas😉, thai airways also sent their A380 for two days

Well, with all the people travelling home for Christmas, must’ve been a great time to spot. :)

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Nice pics! I see that you went to the spotting deck, you can get some really good views from there of the apron and especially if the aircraft are using 25L/R but unfortunately when I went they were using 7L/R. I live just over in Macau so it’s pretty close and easy to go to HK and do some spotting, especially since the new bridge opened which ends just over at the airport.

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Great variety over in Chek Lap Kok. Very exciting and lots of heavies as always!

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I’ll call the Air Canada one a downgrade because they used to send their 77W’s in HD configuration to Hong Kong. The new livery also looks better.

Other than that nice pics!

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A lot a dream liners! We don’t get a lot of them.

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