HK express 'U-Fly alliance' A320

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the Infinite flight forum! Today I present you with a Livery suggestion, which of the title also says, HK express U-Fly alliance.

Basic Info:
Airlines: HK express
Livery: U-Fly
Registration: B-LPH
Aircraft: A320-200

**below is B-LPH in the U-Fly alliance livery **

Photo by Dor lok

It is advisable to give photo credits.


I know how it feels to have a photo stolen. Be careful. @Jakob

Cool livery I didn’t know this existed

Sorry will do, always forget one thing when posting 😂

@Jet_Airways_995 @JRRaviation okay I have edited it so the photo is credit

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I think they should add this plane, too. It looks really nice.