Hitting 100 hours of Flying On Infinite Flight!

Hey IFC! Today I am doing a special flight in the TBM900, Doing some traffic patterns around the Carribeans!


All your support will be much appreciated!



hey first of all congrats but i dont think this is for Screenshots and Videos category :)

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Well, it is a screenshot lol

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What shall I change it to?

why do people always find something too criticise… He’s only showing some proof as some people like to see… I see no issue with the screenshot…

Anyway… Congratulations buddy!!. I’m almost on 500hours


Wow! Nice work

I’m trying to get the pics, Hang on

im not criticizing him…And i said congrats to him i dont know whats your issue :)


Hey. Don’t worry. Read your message slightly wrong. My bad


Okay no worries, have nice day.


I dont even know just leave it here haha

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Cheers for all the support with me reaching this milestone, Thank you so much!

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I believe I’m near 1800hrs, you’ll get there bud, next big milestone 1000 hours, or 100.000XP :)

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Yea I’m on 77K, That’ll be a 100K XP milestone 😄

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read the rules before posting please.

What’s wrong with it, I can fix it

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this belongs in the live category :)

100hrs, that’s so nostalgic. 100 is a great milestone to reach, congrats. Keep flying and you’ll gain more and more hours also reach higher and greater milestones along the way, that I’m very happy to see you report back here on IFC about 🛫

I’m myself currently at 5500 hours and on my way to 6K soon :)

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Ok, I think someone was trying to edit that earlier, I’ll change it to Live and see how that goes, @Captain_JR Thanks so much, 6K is a lot of hours 😄

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I’m kinda shocked myself, when I look at how many hours I’ve spent up in the air 😆

Anyways, all the best to you, hope you get to 200hrs soon :)

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