Hit the West Coast :)@ KJFK - 262200ZAPR20

  • Aircraft and Livery : Delta B757 or B788
  • Route : KJFK-KLAX
  • Time of Departure : 2200Z edt
  • Gates : Any gate closest to 13R
  • Server :Training
  • Runway Use : 13R
  • Fuel : 55% on B788 or 69% on B757.
    note: Please don’t get. close to the host (Me), I will be reporting any that do it more than twice.

Hey there is no need to make 2 group flight topics. Also this group flight needs to be within 3 hours

I like the route of the group flight, but have this in mind that the #live:groupflights Category requires the event to take place about three hours or less after posting the topic. I have also fixed the title for you.

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im new to this community. Does 2100z mean 3pm?

Yes it does

Thats within 3 hrs?

Yes 3:00pm EST is within 3 hours

Groupflights need to be within 3h as mentioned. Thanks!