History of ZK-NBV Boeing 747-419

Aircraft Original Details

**Registration ZK-NBV . Aircraft designation, Boeing 747-419. Airline . Air New Zealand . Engine/Powerplant 4x GE CF6-80C2B1F .first flight, 31. Oct 1998. aircraft name, Christchurch

Aircraft airframe is still active currently flies for Saudia

Aircraft Details as Of 2015

Registration EC-MDS. Aircraft designation still the same. Powerplant still the same. Airline, Wamos airlines

As requested by @NZ_Aviation12

Any requests preferably an Aussie aircraft but willing to do a NZ Aircraft

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Anyone can find these facts searching the internet quickly for the aircraft registration, give me one reason why you should post it here? It only clogs the forum up…

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Lord of the Rings livery looks disgusting IMO.

Because this real world aviation and anything to do with irl aka aircraft history and other things. It took me half an hour just to find that lot.

He asks because you posted like 10 in a day. One per week would be fine.

Actually it was two in one day but will drop back to one-two a week

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One per week is fine.

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It’s a problem, it’s just that we can find this info online very easily quickly, anyway let’s try to stay on topic now.