History of the sky

Hello folks !
So when I am not doing commercial or cargo flights I really enjoy flying warbirds in IF :) It‘s a bit sad that there are only two ones but this is not a feature request ✈️
Anyway I pretty like the P-38 because it‘s the only one which has a cockpit!

Flight information

•Airport: EHAM (Amsterdam Schipol)
•Aircraft: Lockheed Martin P-38
•Flight time: 15mins
•Server: Solo

Here they are ✈️


Cruising around


So I really hope to see a bit more warbirds in the future 😆 just imagine an IF Oshkosh event like the real one
I mean you don‘t have to fly them always, I also fly short and lang haul but it‘s a bit more enjoyable flying this birdy VFR :)

What do you think about warbirds and do you like flying them ?

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  • well, normal
  • nothing special

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Lovely pictures! I’ve practically never flown the P-38, maybe I should try it one day lol

With IF pro, there is the A-10, which is great and has live cockpit!

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I meant: The spitfire doesn‘t even have a cockpit :)

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I agree that there should be more historic warbirds in IF! Great shots btw!

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