History of aviation: the introduction of the jet

Welcome to the second episode of the history of aviation series. In this episode we will look at the years 1939-1968. In our last episode we looked at the early years of aviation.
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 World war 2 

World war 2 saw a great increase in the importance of aircraft. Large scale bombing campaigns, fighter escorts, and advancements in aerial weapons were devolved. Radar allowed better coordination for operations and the introduction of air defense. In 1939 the first jet, the Heinekel He 178, changed aviation.

Photo credit: national air and space museum
Now aircraft could fly faster and higher. Though it would still take a long time for a jet powered commercial airliner to be introduced. Helicopters also saw increased development leading to the Focke Achgelis 223 and the Sikorsky r4.

Photo credit: national museum of the United States airforce

 Post world war 2

After world war 2, commercial aviation grew quickly, using old surplus ex military aircraft such as cargo and bombers to transport people and cargo. The Dc-3 made for easier and longer commercial flights

Photo credit: wiki
The first commercial jet aircraft was the De Havilland comet. It was first introduced in 1952 but had a few issues such as square windows and material issues.

Photo credit: wiki
In the next episode we will look at modern aviation from 1969 to today. If you enjoyed this please leave a like and comment.


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