History of Ansett Australia 767-204 VH-RMO

Ordered new by International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) for lease to Britannia Airways

Construction completed at Seattle - August 1987

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-BNCW - August 04, 1987

Registered to International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC)

Leased to Britannia Airways as registered operator

First flown as N6005C - August 14, 1987

Powered by General Electric CF6-80A-1 engines

Delivered to Britannia Airways - August 25, 1987

Returned to ILFC at end of lease - May 19, 1996

Cancelled from the British Aircraft Register - May 21. 1996

Leased to Ansett Australia

Entered onto Australian Aircraft Register as VH-RMO - May 23, 1996

Registered to Ansett Australia Ltd

Ferried Luton - Dothan, AL for refurbishment to Ansett requirements by Pemco World Air Services - May 1996

Departed Dothan as AN4292 on delivery flight to Australia - July 25, 1996

Arrived Melbourne (Tullamarine) at conclusion of ferry flight - July 27, 1996

Ferry route: Dothan - San Diego - Hilo - Nadi - Melbourne

Flight crew: Captains G. S. Stewart, B. Weiler; F/O S. J. Matthews; Engineers K. Wombwell, L. Bettiol,

N. Dunston, R. Hutton; Technical Officer L. Kennedy; Quality Assurance Officer C. Waterman

Operated first revenue service Melbourne - Sydney as AN14 (Captain N. Hess) - July 31, 1996

Sold to Morgan Stanley Ansett Worldwide - January 1998

Leased to Ansett Australia Ltd as the registered operator

Damaged at Sydney Airport when nosewheel retracted during routine maintenance - May 19, 2000

Ferried Sydney - Melbourne on completion of repairs - July 12, 2000

Returned to service Melbourne - Perth as AN165 - July 13, 2000

Grounded by CASA at Melbourne Airport for non-compliance of airworthy directives - April 12, 2001

Returned to service Melbourne - Sydney as AN950 - April 20, 2001

Ownership transferred to Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services - July 2001

Operated final revenue service Sydney - Melbourne as AN55 - September 13, 2001

Aircraft stored at Melbourne when Ansett ceased all operations due to bankruptcy - September 13, 2001

Offered for immediate sale by Ansett Worldwide - October 05, 2001

Test flown at Melbourne as AN4089 (Captain I. Roberts; F/O D. Secker) - June 16, 2002

Aircraft had flown 48,609 hours with 22,850 cycles

Departed Melbourne as AN4040 on ferry flight to United States for storage - June 21, 2002

Arrived Mojave at conclusion of ferry flight - June 22, 2002

Ferry route: Melbourne - Honolulu - Mojave

Flight crew: Captain H. Otto; F/O G. Neate, D. Secker; Engineers P. Tsemetzis, B. Turnbull

Placed in storage at the Avtel facility for Ansett Worldwide

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - June 27, 2002

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N807AN - July 05, 2002

Registered to Morgan Stanley Ansett Worldwide, New York

Observed stored at Mojave in full Ansett Australia livery - October 05, 2003

Sold to AAR Parts Trading Inc - July 20, 2004

Parting out commenced by Flight Director - August 2004

Cancelled from the United States Aircraft Register - August 20, 2004

Observed in the 2005 low-budget Hollywood TV movie ‘The Final Approach’

The last 20 minutes of this movie were filmed in the Mojave Graveyard

Seen at Mojave in Ansett Australia livery minus undercarriage, nose and other parts - October 2006

Scrapped - April 16, 2007
image used this site http://www.aussieairliners.org/b-767/vh-rmo/vhrmo.html