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My Essay is on the effect the Jet Age had on the population of American cities. I am looking for any information such as books websites or interviews etc. … Does anyone know a good source for finding old aeronautic charts and airport information that I can use to compare to today? (ex: JFK had one runway but then built 4 (idk something like this…)) My goal is to show evidence of parallel growth between the population of cities and their suburbs and airports serving these cities. If anyone can recommend any sources or info it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!!

Here is my current list of sources:

I once made a school project similar to this and I found that when I sent emails to NASA, Boeing, and Airbus they were all very helpful and gave me very good and reliable information.


Good to know @Casp959er73 , what department did you reach out to?

Whaaaaaat? They actually help you with stuff?


First off, use Wikipedia. ( Please don’t copy and paste ). You can find literally most information needed for such project. Whatever it is: Airports, history, aircrafts, you name it.

You can use google to search things accurately, you will surely find a good website for yourself to suit the information needed.

I’m not sure this was about 4 years ago. What I think I did was I searched for the companies email sent the email to them and then they gave me some other email to send it to and they gave me the information.

Don’t over rely on wikipedia. The Airbus and Boeing sites have good info, wikipedia articles aren’t always accurate. :)


gotcha. thanks

The problem with wikipedia is that it is too broad for my topic. I want to as specific as possible. It was definitely helpful for background info and forming my argument though.

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Well if I were you and this would be my essay to write, I would pick the top five or top three airports in the United States and set up a timeline for both the airports’ developments since it was opened and the cities development since that time as well. You’ll find most general stuff like the cities population development online. You can compare that to the airports’ passenger movements.

Maybe get in touch with the airport administration so they can provide some data. By setting up timelines, you have a direct comparison. You can also go further back and check if the cities development changed after the airport was built.

Besides the large airports, you could also choose a smaller local airport to see how that one changed the city. Or pick one outside of the USA as a comparison as well. It depends on how long this essay should be and how deep you want to dig.

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Most wikipedia pages are really accurate and are updated frequently. Unless it says that it hasnt been updated since such date, It is a really good site to use.

Thanks a lot! I have started to take note of the largest US airports but you are right, I should definitely put my focus into this.

Wikipedia can actually be an excellent way of obtaining information about a subject. Information in Wikipedia articles is usually obtained from a reliable source. You can find a list of sources at the bottom of an article.

Do not cite Wikipedia as a source, use it as a tool to find sources.


When I wrote an essay with Wikipedia sources, I always double checked it. And I never added Wikipedia as a source but the sources of Wikipedia instead because that is where I would double check the facts. I’ve seen it too many times that there was an error on Wikipedia. It is a great platform when you need to collect some ideas or when you need to brainstorm, but if you’re looking for good sources, then I highly recommend to always check to Wikipedia sources or search for something else as well. Also, I had a teacher that banned Wikipedia as a valid source, so we had no other choice than to look further.

What I also highly recommend is to not base the entire work only on Internet articles. Especially when you want to learn something about things that happened in the past before the Internet, there are many things that you can only find in books because they have not been digitalized yet. And again to OP, as said: I’d do that as well. Check with locals sources, airports and the city administration. It’s a lot of effort, but it’ll pay out. Is it an important essay that has a significant impact on your grades?

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Here is some things that you can use to identify a good website, you don’t need to do the entire thing tho. My teacher gave us this assignment to figure out if some websites were reliable
|1. Can you tell if the site is fact or opinion? (If the information seems one-sided, or biased, you will have to go elsewhere to hear the other side of the issue.)
|2. Is the site free of advertising?
|3. If there are ads, is it easy to tell the difference between ads and content?
|4. Is the site sponsored by any organizations?
|5. Is it clear who the site is for? (for example, college students or young children)
|6. Is the tone calm and fair? (Sites that are mean and angry may not be good sources of information.)
|7. Is the site open to everyone? (no age requirements, fees, passwords, or registration)
|8. Is the site’s domain .edu, .org, or .gov? (If you see a ~ in the URL, it may be a personal site, not an official site.)
|9. Is the author identified by name?
|10. Is the place the author works or the organization he/she belongs to given?
|11. Is the author’s biography provided, and does he/she have credentials related to the subject of the site?
|12. Has the author or site received any respected awards?
|13. Was this site recommended by a site you trust? (for example, by a homework help site)
|14. Are sources given for statistics?
|15. Can the author be contacted if you have questions? (by email, street address, or phone number)16. Is the site free of spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors?
|17. Does the site have enough information for your research?
|18. Is most of the information on the site useful for your research? (If not, it may be hard to find what you need.)
|19. Can you find the date the article, page, or site was created?
|20. Can you find the date it was last revised?
|21. Do all the links lead to active pages? (no dead links)
|22. Can you understand the text?
|23. Is the type easy to see?
|24. Do the titles and headings give a clear idea of the content?
|25. Are there photos, maps, charts, or other illustrations that help you understand the information?
|26. Is there a site map?
|27. Is there a tool for searching the site?
|28. Is there a “what’s new” feature?
|29. Are links labeled clearly?
|30. Do pages load quickly?


Thanks for the help. It is an important essay. 60% (maybe a bit more) of my semester grade

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Thanks @Gibberish. I appreciate the time.

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No problem. I’m bored after school anyways

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JFK was originally named Idlewild Airport.

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This reminded me, I have a 4 thousand word report on the Low cost leadership strategy used in the airline industry I could also share

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