Historical Aviation Photos

Seems legit… XD. The faithful caravelle tug

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All pictures from the Dayton Air Force Museum!





I went to the same museum last year! Here’s an awesome pic of Amelia Earhart signed USA flag, got chills seeing this (I took this pic) I apologize for it being blurry, it’s inside a glass case.


@Delta767 when did you go there. When we my wife and I were there they had the devenci expo think it was like Jan of 2016

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I’ve been in that before also! That museum is really cool!

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I went there over spring break too! What did you think of the SR71 and Concorde?

October 2016. It was amazing! Here’s a cool pic of the final approach at San Diego KSAN

Notice anything? 😉

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Ummm, no? Could you explain?

@ElpoDaKing the airspace museum bottom right of the picture.


Wow, this topic has got so many pictures! These are awesome guys, keep them coming! Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to you all.

That is one beautiful shot, I love the perspective!

An outdoor museum, I love it! Those aircraft are very cool, even though some of those designs are really odd.

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here’s my final approach pic Into ksan


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