Historic Plane crashed in Switzerland [Fatal]

Yesterday, an 81 years old Junkers Ju-52 of Ju-Air crashed in the Swiss Alps killing all 20 people on board.

The airplane crashed on the Piz Segnas on 2540m over sea level.

Update, 05.08.18, 17:00 MEZ:
All 17 passengers and 3 crew member died. With 20 casualties, it’s one of the worst plane crashes in Switzerland in this century. It’s reported that the plane probably crashed almost vertically to the ground. At the time of the crash there were unusually high temperatures but a perfect view. The pilots were very experienced. It is unlikely that the heat was the main factor for the crash. JU-AIR has now only 2 flying JU-52 left. There was no black box on board the flight, but there are some few eye witnesses that may be helpful for the investigation. There also haven’t been any reports about technical problems lately. The pilot had almost 1000 flight hours in the JU-52, which is a lot for such an airplane.

First information, 05.08.2018, 08:00 MEZ

There are no news about any victims, injuries or the cause yet. The plane has a capacity for up to 17 people. It is very likely that the plane was fully loaded. We’re expected to learn more today, as there is a press conference planed by the local authorities as well as the STSB (Swiss Transportation Investigation Safety Board).

It is speculated that the crash could have something to do with the extreme and unusual heat we have had here over the last weeks.

The plane we’re talking about (registration HB-HOT) has quite a history. In 1937 it began its service in the Swiss Air Force. 1968 we saw the plane in the movie „Where Eagles Die“, featuring Clint Eastwood. And in 2008, it appeared in „Valkyrie“, featuring Tom Cruise.

This was not the only plane crash in Switzerland yesterday. A Socata TB-10 crashed in the canton of Nidwalden, carrying a family of 4, including two children. Sadly, there were no survivors.

A deadly plane crash is always a catastrophe, no matter the size of the plane. But it’s also a chance to learn something out of it to prevent that it will happen again.

Sources, inkl. pictures (German):



Does not look very repairable. Although it might be

It also looks upside-down. Sad to see any plane crash, especially an old one.


You won’t find many Junker ju-52s around anymore. Sad to see a historic plane crash


Man sucks to see a nice oldie get some bruises
It’s a treat to see those old vintage aircrafts

After this crash there are only 7 airworthy Ju-52 left. Really sad news, only been on Lufthansa’s Ju back in June, a truly amazing aircraft to fly on


“Bier mit stil” 😂
(German for beer with Style)

All 20 people on board that plane are deceased.

Here’s an article in English. Our prayers for those onboard.


Heard this in the news yesterday evening, truly heartbreaking…

I used to hear this bird at least every weekend in the summer, flying over the Greifensee and heading to the Swiss Alps. What a beautiful aircraft! Ju-Air operates from Dübendorf, a small airport near to my home town. I remember going there for a REGA exposition last September and seeing that exact aircraft (HB-HOT) taking off. Here are a few pictures I made of it that day. Please keep in mind the livery have been changed since then.

Please don’t use any of these pictures without my explicit permission.

This afternoon, the police of the canton of Grisons has published a press release with more information about the crash. They confirmed that all passengers and crew died. They are still investigating the reason of the crash. At the end of the article, they also included some pictures.

All credit for these pictures belong to the police of the canton of Grisons.


REST IN PEACE for the victims and condolences for the Families. I got a Picture of Lufthansa Junkers Ju 52/3m

Im am honestly not surprised that that was fatal as the plane just got destroyed. Aircraft back when that was made did not go through as many safety cheacks before being built and the cheacks done were not as good as modern ones so the aircraft are not as strong or safe as modern planes however this is a horrible incident and I hope for the best in the future.

No aircraft is meant to survive a vertical collision with the ground…


Well hopefully someone can invent one and save many many many many many lives!


haaaa punaise, c’est pas possible !!! : ( :’ (
what a day !!! 2018 is not looking good for us :'(

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