Historic Libyan Arab Airlines 747-200

Hello guys hope yall are well now I know the first thing that popped up to your head was… WOW thats a huge beast! Hehe well you are right now this isnt any huge beast. This is the Libyan Arab Airlines or what is now known as “Libyan Airlines” Is the main airline in the country of Libya. They usually operate in the middles east with some destinations in Europe. Now this is a really old 747. It is an Old but Gold 747! Its literally Old and Gold!! What better can it get!! Well you have the chance to vote for this beast! We need more livery’s for the 747-200 in infinite flight and to be honest with you I need this livery for VA as well. So what are you waiting for?! Go help and vote for this beauty and bring her home!!

Credits: Ekameva Hadiwinata Wirama Pinterest

I’m pretty sure that’s a 747-300.


Yup it’s the -300 which seem to be pretty rare. You can tell because it kept the wings and engines of the -200 but has the body of the -400.


According to planespotters Libyan airlines did fly the 747 200 for a short amout of time (source)

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Whoops ok sorry I’ll do that ASAP

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Nope it’s 100 percent a -200

Nope it’s a -200 for sure I know my Libyan airlines fleet ;)

I can confirm this is a -200. Libyan Arab Airlines operated three of them during their time with LAA, and I can’t find any records of LAA ever operating the -300.

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As @KGJT-9149 said, the aircraft in the image has the typical features of the Boeing 747-300, which is the wings and engines of the -200 but the body of the -400.

However, since you say that Libyan Arab Airlines only operated the 747-200 (that’s what I found as well after searching it up), the only conclusion that I can come to is that this is an extra rare 747-200SUD, which is a -200 that had a retrofit upgrade carried out in the form of a streched-upper deck conversion. Very interesting stuff!


Yes indeed!

Make sure to vote on this guys!