Historic Cargo from the north

Most people don’t used the DC10F often even with the Gemini cargo which was a Deceased Cargo airline that goes in Europe and North America and had a fleet of Dc-10s and MD-11s, also Apparently my 1 year Subscription is ending soon or in Sunday (Nov 29) so I would like to do my last flights before going


McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F

A early morning departure out of Anchorage Alaska

Climbing 5,000 leaving And with the sun rising slowly then sets later since in the north theres less sun

Sadly Alaska is Flat which we can’t see the mountains anywhere but it sure looks nice in that view

Entering NorCal from being in the pacific for 2 hours

Hearing by San Francisco

In the Los Angeles area the visibility was very low in that time

Approaching final R25L (I think)

Had to keep up on the glide slope so nothing goes wrong

Had an ok -400vs landing but the flight was average

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If you don’t renew it Welcome to the no-sub gang, where we have only trash planes, no multiplayer and just 6 regions!


I might renew but I need to fix my account payments

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Gotta love the historic cargo route, third shot is by far the best.

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This picture looks unbelievably realistic, incredible work on these shots.


Yeah I honesty agree with Shane it actually looks better flat than it would’ve with the 3D imaging.


@Zach007 its pretty historic (yet in todays route) but yea its fun
@Shane Im glad you liked it I thought it looks nice when its flat but would be a little better when it’s 3D which might not come in the future
@bcc.123 I agree