[HIRING STAFF] Fly Unlimited VA | Inspired in LATAM

Yes, we are currently working in opening new HUBs and routes all over South America.
If you are interested, we invite you to apply to stay tuned!


Alright, I already signed up


Congratulations @anon32160277. Nicely designed thread.


Finally! 🤩

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Beautiful and clean thread !! Wish you lick for the future :)


Welcome! Great to see another VA 😁

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Great thread guys!

Pssst @Altaria55, there’s another South American VA in the skies!


Competition, I see :L


Hey there. Is the airline a part of any alliance like one world or skyteam or anything like that?

Not at the moment

We are proud to announce that we have three new codeshares that will take us to the furthest places in the world! It’s an honor to establish a partnership with:

So… That’s it?

Definitely no! We are just starting: we continue our conversations with other VA to establish a possible partnership and we continue growing in estructure.
We invite you to apply for our VA if you are interested in learning, flying on beautiful landscapes and take your Infinite Flight experience to the next level.

Apply Here!


We are proud to be your partner! Connecting South America to Asia has never been easier!

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Fly Unlimited, inspired by LATAM

Hey everybody!
As we continue growing, we are looking for new staff to help with this amazing project. FUVA is a new Virtual Airline (IFVARB approved) that intend to be the biggest VA in South America with more than 4 HUB’s and more than 170 destinations to all over the world. We have a large fleet, composed by Airbus and Boeing. This week, we have inaugurate our new Crew Center, which is friendly and much more interactive than the last one.

However, [u]this points listed above, are just a very brief summary of what we offer; that’s why we invite you to visit our Official Thread - Operations Plan - Website - Experience Statement or if it works better for you, send a PM to our Executive President @nicopizarro if you want to learn more about us.

In Fly Unlimited VA, we believe that excellence can just be reached by having an excellent staff. Our team is made up of pilots and IFATC members fulfilled of experience. With instructors with more than 1.200 hours to ATC specialist and officers experience, we have an enormous amount of accumulated knowledge on Infinite Flight.


Position Occupant
CEO @alberto_lopez
COO @Cap_Raimundo
President @nicopizarro
Chief Pilot @Vignesh_S
Event Manager @Lucas_Nicolas


Position Available
Recruiter Available
Route Manager Available
Community Manager Available

Offer available until all positions are taken.

This is thread is meant to recruit staff members. However, you are welcome to apply as a pilot in the pilot application form. Please don’t fill a pilot application if you intend to be a staff member.


  • Grade 3 as minimum.
  • At least 14 years old.
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Able to use Slack (app) for communication purposes.
  • Enthusiastic and being able to spend time to work on the VA.

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Recruiter // Head of Internal Affairs

  • Able to engage with the community.
  • In good stand on Infinite Flight Community.

Route Manager

  • Able to update real-life routes based on research.
  • Able to use Google Drive Spreadsheets.

Community Manager

  • Domain a high level of English.
  • Being able to redact official VA publications.
  • Ideally but not required: know how to administrate and construct a website.

If you meet the “general requirements” please feel free to fill a Staff Apply Form or PM @nicopizarro.
Please note, that all the specific requirements can be discussed, just apply and we will review your case.

See you in the skies!

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Hello applied and no response 🥺. When should I expect one

Hey Declan,
I will contact you in a PM.

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Pilot Application Form | Staff Application Form


I applied several weeks ago

I’ll send you a PM.

New Topic will follow