Hints by Laura about 20.1, but 5 months ago, introducing VNAV, auto throttle, etc

Hello IFC,

I was going through the Infiniteflight Community on YouTube and I stumbled upon this video: Real 747 Airline Pilot Plays Infinite Flight | Flight Simulator - YouTube

It’s about a real-world 747 pilot playing Infiniteflight. Laura commented below, 5 months ago.

There are a few hinted things:

Screen Shot 1441-09-25 at 7.57.58 PM Screen Shot 1441-09-25 at 7.58.06 PM and more.

Keep your eyes out IFC, you never know where you can find some hints!



Sincerest apologies if this is in the wrong section, and its ok Misha, Laura leaked it months ago, surprised y’all didn’t notice!


Hello, VNAV has been officially confirmed. You can find and track what’s been confirmed currently in the topic I linked below. If it was said and confirmed it’s not a leak. No word has been said so far about auto throttle. For all we know it could of been abandoned and not coming to the sim at this time.


Oh, well then

I know, I was stating that this, and other things, have been or might have been leaked ages ago.


And I know the tracking thread. No need for the hassle.

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VNAV, Autothrottle and that stuff she mentioned isn’t really a leak since it’s normal for her to say that a while ago since nobody knew VNAV was coming, nor were we supposed to know yet since we found out in an Actual confirmed leak and she never confirmed it was being added to the sim soon. So not really much of a leak, and not quite topic-worthy.

I wouldn’t really say this is leaked, Laura just mentioned they were working on it. They mention lots of things before they’re released.

Changed leaked to hinted :)

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Awesome, but I wouldn’t consider it as a leak 🙂

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None of it was news. Many features have been on the plate for a while and talked about as being planned.