Himalayan Trio


Today I want to share with You all our group flight - @AlphaSeven, @Butter_Boi and I went to the Himalayas!

So, @AlphaSeven prepped us with an approach chart to PARO, flight plan from VNKT to PARO. We spawned in matching A320-200s in Expert server and we were off!

Admittedly - I did stall due to a bad and missed approach and my lack of concentration towards the instruments.

Well, I hope You enjoyed these photos! If You did, leave a like, criticism is always welcome and if You’d like to fly with us then shoot a PM!

Have a nice day!

Oh, and that Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 is just a random aircraft that decided to show up.


How nice, there is order and planning.

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How could I not be invited! ™ jk


Awesome photos! Too bad I had a missed approach. But those are amazing, thanks for flying with me. 😃😄

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Awesome pictures! I underestimated the descent rate and flared a little late. Anyways, not a bad landing! Looking forward to more!

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Yep, @AlphaSeven You picked a hard and interesting approach! Thanks again both @Butter_Boi and @AlphaSeven!


Your welcome, happy to go flying.

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