Himalayan Fun (Kathmandu to Paro Group Flight)

Hello IFC! Today I flew a short but absolutely sweet flight over the Himalayas from Kathmandu to the legendary Paro Airport in Bhutan. This airport is of course extremely well-known for having one of, if not the most dangerous approaches in the entire world. In the real world, only eight pilots are certified to land here! Of course, this is Infinite Flight, so I, @If_finnair, and @Pilot_Aaltonen decided to take on this strenuous approach for a little bit of excitement on a Saturday night. I used the Air India A320, If_finnair used the Indigo A320, and Aaltonen flew the newly-released and gorgeous Bombardier CS300/Airbus A220-300. The landing was just as exciting, dramatic, and overall amazing as you would expect it to be, but enough blabbering, here are the ten best pictures I have from the flight. Thanks to you two for joining me today!

Flight Information
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (Air India)
Route: VNKT - VQPR
Departure runway: 20
Cruise altitude: FL310
Arrival runway: 33
Flight time: 00:40


Taking off from KTM as If_finnair taxis and Aaltonen pushes back

Right turn over the beautiful capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, with the stunning backdrop of the Himalayas

A turn to port as we get closer and more personal with this gorgeous Asian mountain range

I think those snow-capped peaks really bring out the color in that beautiful red CFM56-5B4 and accompanying Sharklet

An alternate view to starboard and a look at the flat plains of northern India

Our descent begins! On most flights this would be the beginning of the end, but in this case, the fun is just starting!

Airport in sight! Twisty and turny final approach over Paro Valley

Rounding out the last of the turns seconds before touching down on PBH’s runway 33

Touchdown! The first of three successful landings here today. Welcome to Bhutan!

And now that everyone’s safely landed and parked, it’s time for a group screenie after that adrenaline-inducing approach into the world’s most dangerous airport!

Overall, I really enjoyed this flight, from the breathtaking scenery on departure from Kathmandu, to passing the tall and proud Himalaya mountains and the flat but definitely not boring plains of northern India, and the fun and famous Paro Airport approach, I would definitely recommend this flight to anyone with a little under an hour on their hands. I hope the two who joined me enjoyed it as much as I did; thanks for allowing me to share this experience with you guys!


Nice pictures, I especially love how all three aircraft are parked next to each other in Paro with that scenery in the back. Gotta try that airport out myself eventually


It was nice flying with you!


Yup, thanks for the group flight with short notice. 🙏🏻😉

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Amazing shots @GenAv_IF 😍

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Thanks! :)

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