Hilton Head Island

To all of you spotters out there that live on/near Hilton Head Island. My family recently went to HHI and they have a airport on the island. It’s a small airport, GA dominates, but there are some commercial flights in and out. Most of the flights are an Dash 8, or something like a Dash 8. If you live near the airport there, you should try it.

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Any pictures?

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No. But you can see the Dashes from on the beach.

We are going back down on OCT 21 to buy a house, so maybe I will get pics then.

Moved this to real world aviation because there aren’t any images and it’s mainly about the airport.

Ok. Still trying to find out what can go where and where it can not.

Definitely not dash-8s. More like 172s and king airs. Also Robinson r44s fly out of there

172s? Yes, there is 2 flight schools at that airport. KAs? Probably. No Dash 8? I’m not sure, but what I saw looked a whole lot like the Dash 8 in IF.

Wow never mind. Ove been there and I didn’t think it was big enough for dash 8s but apperantly Piedmont flew q100s into there

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