Hilton Head Airport | American Eagle Dropping Dash 8 Service, to use Embraer ERJ175 as replacement

NOTE: This was NOT publicly Announced. The only way to find out is through aa.com

Hilton Head Airport (IATA: HHH | ICAO: KHXD), Will soon get Jet Service to Charlotte following the Retirement of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q200/300 Series.

Currently, American Eagle uses the Dash 8 to Serve Hilton Head. The Airport Will be Expanding the Runway from 4,300ft to 5,000ft, with the Expansion to be completed this summer

In My Words

Well, this’ll be Interesting, I’m curious to know if an Embraer ERJ175 is even able to land on a 5,000ft runway. It’ll be Interesting, and I would really like to fly on the first flight to HHH with the ERJ175, but I would have to take a day or two off of work just to fly for a day there. It’s sad the DHB 8 Q200/300 is being retired, but things have to move onward.

You might be wondering where I found this info. I happen to always watch small airports, especially ones that have commercial service, because, well, just so I can see which small airports I could visit and showcase it on YouTube.
I found the Info on Wikipedia, but I searched aa.com to make sure it was real, and here is the screenshots I took from my computer

July 4, 2018 is the last day the Dash 8 will be flown into Hilton Head, as Piedmont Retires the Dash 8

July 5, 2018, American Eagle will begin E175 service to HHH with Republic Airlines

What do you think of this? Is this good for such a small airport to receive a big jet? Comment below your opinions.


Very interesting… that is cool!

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I’ve been to Hilton Head and it just doesn’t make sense. KSAV is a few miles down the road and is massive. The island itself is relatively small and probably can’t sustain anything more than a 145/CRJ.


If they’re utilizing the ERJ175, then that might mean that flights are probably full or somewhat full

So sad to see Piedomont retiring the Dash 8s everywhere. The last ones flew out of my home airport months ago. I used to love those those things, even though they had their flaws, but things do have to move on. Nice topic and interesting to hear about Hilton Head service as well.

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Your right, but I’m just saying jumping from a Q to one of the largest regionals in service seems very risky to me.


We’ll see what’ll happen when the service starts up

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Damn, why retire such an amazing aircraft that’s so fuel efficient and just as fast as RJs on flights like this? Sad to see them go.


The only airport (I know) in the 48 states to have a different IATA code than the last 3 letters of the ICAO code.

Fleet harmonization

its because pax hate prop which I find very stupid to find

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Considering that American Eagle is the only airline at KHXD, KSAV gets lots of not most traffic to Hilton head, but hey after all with the e175 they can serve new routes such as KDCA and KMIA from Hilton Head with no competition. Seems like the airline gets the benefit of it after all.

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