Hilo Flyout! 8JAN23

3|Hawaiian|Honolulu|B717 i will take this one

Event Bump

Can I take this

@AviationAlpha thanks for signing up! @Flyin_Hawaiian will sign you up shortly

Oh woah this is tomorrow! Still thought there was like a week to go! Still plan on being there

Both please

User is suspended

He is back tomorrow

Ohh right, sorry. Didn’t check the suspension expired date

Do you have any long haul gates?

@Avaitor1 the only long flights are to Los Angeles unfortunately

Yes of course! Getting you down.

Getting you down!

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I’ll help out with this the.

Looks like just over an hour and a half left to go!

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Looks like one hour until this event

I’m not sure if @flyin_hawaiian is going to be here so I’ll take it over for him if I have to.

Everyone should start spawning in 15 minutes

I can also do Hilo to honolulu

Yeah you can take gate 2 (even though it’s not shown above)

I will be on atc soon.