Hilarious Glitch at WMBT



How to reproduce:

Spawn at the first given location at WMBT in the SAME AIRCRAFT

100% thrust towards the mountain with 70% trim and full flaps


Just a quick question, why are you taking off with full flaps?


I was trying to test if I can takeoff from that side of the mountain and that happened😂👍🏼

I don’t see why this bug should be fixed since no one should be doing this anyway…


I did it like a pro, and managed to do clear the cliff.

I was unable to reproduce this bug.

iOS 9.2.1
iPhone 5
Latest version of IF


I have the same device details

I know, I was trying to takeoff from that side of the mountain because Inwanted to make a challenge I needed to see which side is higher

Do you have a constant repro or this?
Please try to find one

9.2.2 isn’t out yet

In witch region lies WMBT?

Singapore that you can see in the first W

Sorry i don’t know that sort of stuf

No problem I also don’t know why the W but there in that region is WSSS WMKK they all start with the W

Yes, i know now

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Singapore/Kuala Lumpur