Highwayyyy to the Danger Zone!

Wassup IFC! So last night, Mr.Deer made a pop up event of racing F-22 fighters across the desert and into the mountain. So, as this gave me the excuse to fly as fast as I can without getting violated, I quickly took my part. To score a place, you had to full stop.

Anyway enough talking let’s get funky wit it.

Route: KGYR (Phoenix Goodyear - KTVL (South Lake Tahoe) then KTVL - KGJT and then KGJT back to KGYR
Time: 49 minutes
Server: Training

There were about 15 of us waiting to get that whistle to blast off

Quick! Take off and go as fast as you can!

After a failed landing attempt, I made a go-around and ended up taking 4th
Could this be a new hybrid fighter?

This is what you get when it hits 10:22 pm (go time)

Ended up take a smooth 2nd place (After Deer) with a lot better touchdown

Almost time for our last hop back to Goodyear, tension was high to be the first to go

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!

I got smoked that round. (How are people going 2,030 knots? I could only manage 1,960) Ended up taking 5th or 6th place.

And for the final picture, we got together for a nice group shot and went and played some beach volleyball.

Thanks everyone for viewing and to Deer for the awesome event!
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Happy flying,


A wild herd of F-22’s. Great photo’s.

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It was crazy 😂


Don’t forget the fact we made a triangle around Area 51 👽🖖

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Oh yeah 😂

Glad some of us just didn’t randomly disappear 😂


F22’s in there natural habitat

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Ayyy get into itttt

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Except the fact that it’s training server, but yes. 😂

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Yessir! It got funky

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No that wasn’t me, I would never fly like that on TS.

Hmmmmm, well see about that…

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👀 like @AviationFreak said, we’ll see…

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Yeah but there aren’t any call signs. 🤔😂

Everyone had speed callsign

Iamspeed (me)

Not in the pictures though.
I was never there lol

Well yeah, cuz theres no tags 😂

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Yeah ok I was there.
I failed all landings except for Tahoe. Got 2nd place 😎

i made this for the special occasion as well


You should put I am Speed on it



that is so funny LOL