Highly unnacceptable behaviour tolerated by IFATC

Hi all.
I’m just here to get your opinion and hopefully resolve this conflict which occured on Expert Server today.
So, I’m flying from Bogota to Santiago. I’m on final, next minute, I see an A319 in extremely close proximity to me, rotating into my glide path, while at the same time flying around 220KT’s on Mid-final. I just try to get the active tower controller to tell him to go around, but he wasn’t even on the frequency yet. He only contacts tower and announces inbound within 7 NM of the runway, while at the same time pushing infront of the sequence and positioning himself infront of me, while at the same time being within unnacceptable proximity to me (red). I announce ‘I’m sorry’ again, expecting for the selfish pilot to receive a little ‘Please check the home screen for assistance using ATC instructions’ and a ‘go around’. Little did I expect for me to be told to go around.

If you’d like to analyze the situation, here’s a replay link.


Hello Josh!

If you’d like, feel free to reach out to the controller at the time. I’m sure they would be happy to explain the situation. Controller’s PMs are always open :)


I totally agree with you, IFATC behavior is very bad. Just got a Violation for trying to escort Tyler in the 757. He said I was going to fast in the natural habitat. Like what! I was going 350kts and I was at FL380. I’m getting ready to cancel my subscription if this keeps hapening

I’m going to hope that’s sarcasm…
I’m also not complaining about IFATC behaviour, but about unnaceptable behaviour from pilots on the expert server not being dealt with by IFATC.

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Hello there!

So, I had a look at the replay and it seems it wasn’t your fault. The A319 that was in front of you should’ve been given an execute missed approach command because he missed the turn to final. It appears that the person wasn’t really following instructions.

You can see the yellow line represents what they should’ve done. And the blue line indicates what they actually did. So the controller should’ve gave you an make a left/right 360 for spacing command. Or give the A319 execute missed approach command


IFATC are trained for their positions and every once in a while IFATC make mistakes. But at the end of the day, we are kept to the highest standard. No need to call someone out for a violation you got as well. If you already talked to him not much you can do but this isn’t the right topic to ask the question “why?” If you haven’t PM’ed him, give it a go, he’ll explain.


The IFC was not made for people to be judged, the best thing to do is to contact him via PM for this to be resolved :)

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I just gave him a PM. Thank you so much!

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I totally understand

Hey Josh, have you tried directly speaking with the controller? Perhaps you could ask them what happened so they can clarify your confusion - you’ll probably get a better answer from the controller rather than asking us on the IFC to tell you what they were thinking.

Continue this discussion with the controller and if you feel it’s not been resolved then message us.

No need for these name and shame style topics. Could just be an innocent mistake.