Highlights of today's stream and announcements

hi @AviatorDan and all,

can’t watch an hour long stream for the juicy tid bits. can we have a breakdown of the key announcements during today’s stream? twitter gives a pic of LAX, was there anything else?

thanks v much!

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Blog Post Incoming Tomorrow

Main Items:

  • Animated jet bridges and how they’ll operate and be improved upon over time
  • The addition of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at KLAX (plus the addition of more highly detailed buildings in the future)
  • F/A-18 Super Hornet and the E-175/E-190 are coming along in development nicely
  • Military specific objects (sunshades, ammunition carts, K-Loader, and fuel truckers were shown)
  • Taxiway lights, approach lights, and runway lights have been in the works (Lights will fade away with distance rendering. Different light intensities – everything ultra-realistic whilst still ensuring minimum frame-rate impact on user experience)
  • Fly Pegasus 737-800 announced for a future update

Smaller things that were mentioned during Q&A period:

  • Open-Source Liveries: Something that is internally talked about and possibly will be worked on in the future.
  • Delivery frequency: This will be worked upon in the future. The system just isn’t there to support this currently – will need to be redone totally.
  • Shared cockpits: Cameron and Laura are building systems to allow more cooperation for things that would be going to/from the server. Maybe not a shared cockpit but maybe some other cool things. Specifics weren’t talked about.
  • A220 sounds are still in the works. Awaiting sound provider.
  • Terrain Map and terrain above/under 60* latitude might potentially be looked at in the future. No clear plan on this for now.
  • Upcoming plans to improve low-level VFR flying quality by adding refinement to the terrain.
  • Taxi instructions are in the works but not much to share at this time.