Highlights of the KCLT - KDCA Flash Flight Today

These are some highlights (including a cinematic video) of the River Visual flash flight today from KCLT to KDCA

Server: Expert
Flight duration: 1655Z to 1745Z
Route: KCLT to KDCA

Video of the river landing (Sound On):
Video of Flight

American Aircraft taking up the whole terminal:

Takeoff out of KCLT:

KCLT after downwind turn:

Richmond Virginia and KRIC:

Two planes following close behind in cruise:

Three planes spotted during descent into KDCA:

Two planes ahead of me in the River Approach:

The view right before the turn onto RNWY 19:

Thanks for viewing!


Nice photos! (and nice profile pic lol)

Nice profile picture as well :)

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Also (I forgot to add) the name of the song in the video is Evolving by Christoffer Isefält.

Awesome shots and video!

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Lol. I did 3 go-around at 19. 1st time was because of wind 2nd time a plane was landing in front and they cut me off 3rd time was because there was a plane taking off from 15.

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Despite the frustrations…I was pleased to see the tarmac and the presence. It was impressive


You are an absolute GOD for including KRIC here. Anyways awesome shots man!

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