Highlighted Trim Button

This is not a joke. Just putting that out there to start this off. Some pilots have OCD, or it just bothers them when everything else is highlighted on their control panel when flying, like brakes, flaps, gear, spoilers, Autopilot, etc. The only one that cannot be illuminated is the trim. Without effecting anything, clicking on the trim button would just make it glow. It would change any settings trim-related or not. Some would say pointless. Some have been wishing for this inside the whole time. I feel that it would be nice to have, being so simple and easy to do. I don’t know if you guys ever thought or cared about it. Let me know!


Not necessary, but I can see your point. Maybe only illuminate it if the trim was used though.


Not a bad idea. but most pilots don’t actually put trim into use much, as far as I know. Seems weird it doesn’t become highlighted after being used

I use it all the time, especially when I’m laying down in my bed. I also find it weird that it doesn’t illuminate.

I do as well. Helps me a bunch when trying to get a smoother landing

MaxSez: lit or unlit, in my experience trim setting in cruise have relatively little effect. However, on some models upon recovery diddle with the trim set in cruise and not adjusting it on approach can have devastating effect. Suggest you give it a shot to validate my observation.


Honestly speaking i think it’s fine the way it is since i use it on approach and take off but i wouldn’t mind what you said although i don’t think it’s necessary!