Highlight the Little Things

I’d like to dedicate this topic to the devs, and all of the work they have put in that some of us may not even know about!

As the title says, let’s highlight some of the little things that make this sim incredible!
I’m sure there is much out there that I have not seen or picked up on, so I can’t wait for you all to share!!

I’ll start with two smaller things that make this is sim unique for me. though I could list a ton;)

First, a simple thing. If you’ve ever performed touch and goes, you may or may not have noticed that the tires, unless brakes are applied, continue to spin!! The same is said for takeoff. Idk why, but this is an awesome little detail for me.

Second, you will all recognize this I’m sure.

Yes, the infamous… Pepsi! TM. Lol
I do wonder the story behind this?

Let’s see what you guys have!


Have you noticed the toilet in CRJ? 😜


I have not! Lol. I’m going to look Right now!

Never did find the toilet:(

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Don’t make a mess on the floor. It’s all that soda I knew we shouldn’t have given it to you.


It’s at the front. You have to use free cam to find it.

There you go :)


Yeah you don’t want a engine shut down the A350. Although the A350 only has Aquafina… lol

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I am going to check it out for myself XD

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