Highlight Navaids/Fixes


As a current IFATC member in radar training, I can tell you personally that Fixes and Navaids play a huge role in helping a radar controller provide a safe and efficient service when controlling. A good example of this is using them to provide a visual aid for certain restrictions and/or establishing a proper approach plan to ensure all regulations and minimums are met. Below I will take you through an idea of how Navaids can be improved in game.

The Idea:

To start, one may visit IFATC.org. This is a tool that many controllers use to help plan their approaches and get an idea of the surrounding terrain or possible conflicts. Circled are the Fixes I am going to use in this example. Once I have identified them, I will note them on a piece of paper to have for when I open. After planning, I can implement this feature by taking the Fixes I have identified and finding them on the map and selecting them. Once selected, an option will appear to highlight/mark the navaid. This can be done simply as shown in the poorly photoshopped image below. The Fix itself will change color and be labeled. Controllers should also have the option to associate an altitude with the Fix and have that shown as well.

I do believe this feature could really make the controllers job a lot easier, especially until the terrain map is reimplemented into the game. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any thoughts below.

(All media was created and photoshopped by me)

This is a really good featue, it would put radar planning to good use to say the least 😅. You have my vote.

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Thank you!

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Great idea, not in radar training yet but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it when I get there! got my vote!

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Thanks mate, I really appreciate it!

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I don’t have any votes available but in addition to finding the suggestion brilliant, I wanted to say that you made a fantastic job in presenting this potential feature in a simple, relatable and highly explanatory way.
I hope it gets implemented !

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Thank you! I really appreciate it :)

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Reminds me a bit of what’s already there.


Yeah, it defiantly does… the only problem is that it isn’t at all customizable. A big part of a radar controllers role is developing a plan that suited the current situation and every controller is different in how they like doing that. Especially when it comes to being able to mark out the different areas of terrain in difficult airports. It’s a small feature but I think it has reason to be added to the sim for if your like me at least, it is very helpful in what we do.

You have my vote!
You could also promote this in the discord channel, I’m pretty sure some ppl would like this to be implemented!