Highlight destination airport on radar vectors or ILS REQUEST


i think it might be really helpful to controllers to somehow highlight the destination when an aircraft asks for Radar Vectors or an ILS approach so that it can quickly be located on the map. Because the requests and the voiceover just call out actual names, not codes, it can take a substantial amount of time to find what the pilot is asking for. And this applies especially to regions like Chicago or Seattle where the airfields are numerous and make for a dense environment.


The aircraft on the radar should show what airport he is requesting what he has sent the request.

It’s like:

120 PHOG

I think that’s how it is, it shows what airport he is requesting, on approach of course


If you click on the guy, if his flight plan contains no elements, the destination airport will be the final destination of their flight plan.


No worries, will use that for now. The reason this came up is I recall someone asking for RV to Astoria from Portland and the flight plan wasn’t visible for some reason.


^ yea that happens to me too sometimes. Their FPLs doesnt shows up…


They don’t all list flight plans. Some identification of the airport would help to save us some time in looking for it. If it is LAX, we likely know. If it is a more remote airport, I do find myself taking time to hunt for it which is time we aren’t keeping an eye on planes.