Highlight A Tutorial - Straight Out Depatures @ UKBB - 101730ZMAY18

Hello everyone,

This week for Highlight A Tutorial we will be showcasing how to perform a straight out departure. Hop in any aircraft and depart from Boryspil International Airport (ICAO: UKBB) straight out, correctly!

Region: Ukraine

Server: Any server (Your choice)
Airport: UKBB
Aircraft: Any aircaft (Your choice)
Event Hours:
Begin - 1730Z (10:30AM PST)
End - 0600Z (12:00PM PST)

Straight out departures explained:

A straight out departure typically means you stay within the limits of ±15 degrees heading from the centre line of the runway. So if you depart from runway 27, runway heading will be 270. After takeoff any heading between 255(270-15) and 285(270+15) is a straight out departure.

If are departing from an airport that has parrallel runways I would refer you to this tutorial:

As IFATC controllers a lot of things frustrate us, but with the creation of ATIS we have a new favorite. People not following the very simple instruction of departing straight out when instructed either in the takeoff clearence or if it is included in the ATIS.

To participate in the event simply depart from UKBB and request and/or perform a straight out departure.

If you are flying on the expert server and would like feedback from the controller on how you did, their username and the time they were controlling will be displayed below and updated.


TWR: @azeeuwnl
GND: @azeeuwnl
APP: @azeeuwnl

TWR: @Trio
GND: @Trio

Have fun everyone and happy landings! If you have any questions feel free to ask, the community is full of a very knowledgeable people.

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