HighLander24’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KPHX

Hey guys I was planning on joining the IFTAC on expert server and just wanted a few tips if anyone would like to join. I thought right now would be a great time to do since most of us are still in quarantine.

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Anyone can join! Do some pattern works and also criticize my ATC skills haha

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Hey man! I’m on my way and I’m planning to take the test as well and I also have an ATC thread as well so I can help you and give you tips and feedback!


Thank you! Want to link your thread as well and I’ll join whenever you are open

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Np! And yea sure one moment!

Hey! I’m currently controlling WSSS but in 5 minutes I’ll be there promise!

Am coming, N92XL:)

Hey I was VIGNESH, will give some live feedback:

  • make sure to clear earlier
  • when I requested runway change you should have said “number xx, runway 30L cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic”. Always give traffic direction when clearing for the option only if aircraft is coming inbound or changing runways
  • after I changed runways, you told me to enter left downwind 30L, which would’ve not been necessary had you told me the traffic direction (after the option…) as I mentioned earlier. Just clearance would be fine!

That’s all! Good luck to IFATC!

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Hello, I was N151CH
There were a few things…

  • I was in an aircraft that cannot pushback, so when I requested pushback you need to take that into consideration. Instead of saying “Cleared for Pushback”, just state “Taxi to XX”.
  • I requested for a frequency change. You already cleared me to change frequency when ready when you instructed me to taxi. You should issue “You were already told to change frequencies”.
  • After the runway change, you should have stated “Turn right/left” after the clearance to land.
  • I would have done the clearances earlier.
  • Good job resolving the conflict after my go-around! Although I would have extended the downwind of the other aircraft instead of changing runways/calling their base. But what you did works perfectly fine as well.

Good job on everything else though!

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BO-1008 (Brandon),

  • Pattern entry is given when the aircraft is either Inbound for landing (when it’s not cleared for ILS or Visual Approach by Radar controller) or changing its runway, along with necessary sequence.

  • Once an aircraft’s runway has been changed, after giving them a pattern entry, you should also give the traffic direction in the clearance (left/right traffic).

  • Exit runway instructions should be given when the aircraft is around at or below 80 or 70 knots.

Good day.

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Thank you so much for coming guys! Also thank you for all of the feedback. I will definitely take these into consideration when I do open my next airport!

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Hey I was N145ER here’s my feedback;

  • try to clear someone for takeoff as soon as they are airborne try to aim for when they are on crosswind the sooner the better. You should first sequence if necessary and then clear. So work on clearing a bit more earlier!

  • as you may or not know when I report full stop that means I decided to land and not do pattern-work so you should be able to know that you are going to be giving me exit command. For my exit command you were a bit late next time be ready and aim for when my speedo or anyone’s is at 70-80 for commercial aircraft and 30-40 for general aviation

This is the feedback I have from me but just keep working on this and you’ll do great! Trust me also I’ll tag you when I open my Thread again have a great day and safe travels!

Best Regards,


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Hey there! I was N92XL.
First of all, good job! There are only a couple of feedback points.
Please try and give more timely responses in terms of pattern work! Main one here is when I took off, on 30R. I was instructed right traffic, but was not given any directions (or sequencing) until told to turn base. After that, I was given sequence and then clearance.
You handled the runway change well, so props to you!

Other than that, not much on my end. Recall the feedback @BrandonHG and @Vignesh_S regarding exit commands. 70-80 knots is a good target!

Also please tag me when you’re open!

I hope to see you as an IFATC member soon!

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Hey guys! I’m open at KONT for 30 minutes. Come do some pattern work :) @Bryan4558 @dereckyared14 @Vignesh_S @BrandonHG @MXB-CaptainB


Hey! I’m on my way!

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live feedback:

  • no pattern entry needed, i never changed runways or came inbound
  • no after the option needed, again I never changed runways or came inbound
  • no cleared to land needed, I am still doing touch and goes
  • you said “after the option” again when I had not changed runways. just “cleared for the option” is enough
  • good job on the runway change
  • dereck is on left base, not right base :)
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was this for when i said “enter left downwind” ?

yes, it was :)

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i didnt change eunways

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Hey i was wondering when I edit my replies, do u get a notification about it?

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