Highest Recorded Wind

140 knot winds over Salt Lake City @anon70772274

New record baby!

189 kts wind in north America.

I’ve hit 63 knots, lol.

Probably doesn’t count for much 😂

Yeah 63 isn’t much, can u provide a screenshot?

I win
This happened at the beginning of this year. I myself don’t have any screenshots, but on the thread there are photos, and I found this first.

Insane number, even though this might not count as it’s not a normal wind but only a glitch.

No it’s from the 15th of February. If it was 2015 there wouldn’t be global pictures. It probably doesn’t count, but I thought I’d share it anyway…

Yeah, that was my bad, apologies!

Edited my post above.

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I win 😂



Good job Will! I might be second!

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I like how my alt is all the way negative😂😂

gimmie dat 3rd place

Game’s over. Nothing’s ever gonna beat this

@Logan and @Will_A seeing as you all have around the same wind record it sounds like there is a major weather bug. I’m happy to give it to you all but I think I’ll wait a few days to see if anything comes up.


There wasn’t anything said about bugs…

@Logan and @Will_A I’ve just been told that it’s most likely a fault with the METAR so these can not be accepted sorry. Plus it would ruin the competition.

Hello all, please refrain from posting here as I can no longer update this page. I will make a second version soon.

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