Highest Mountain in Americas Loop

Route: Mendoza, Argentina (SAME) to Mendoza (SAMQ)
SAME 3233S/6925W 3233S/7015W 3250S/7008W 3247S/6953W 3241S/6948W SAMQ
The highest mountain in all the Americas is Aconcagua on the border of Argentina and Chile, between Mendoza, Argentina and Santiago de Chile. This loop of 164 nm in a TBM-930 on the Training Server makes a loop around the mountain. Cruising altitude was 19000 ft and flight time was 38 min at 240 kts. Local time was between 11 and 12 AM. However, I adjusted local time to enhance the views of different faces of the mountain.
#1. Taking off from SAME with Aconcagua in the distance.

#2. The TBM-930 at the eastern side of Aconcagua.

#3. Cockpit view of eastern side of Aconcagua

#4. Wing view of Northern side of Aconcagua

#5. TBM-930 rounding the northern side of Aconagua

#6. Wing view of the western side of Aconcagua

#7. TBM-930 on the southern side of Aconcagua

#8. Cockpit view of the southern side of Aconcagua

#9. Landing at SAMQ


Wow stunning pictures


Beautiful mountain, awesome photos @Kansas_Scotty! I never knew about this mountain until now, so thanks for showing me how beautiful it is!


Gotta try this flight! Thanks! Great pics!


Thanks guys. There is lots of great scenery in the Andes.

Follow up: I did this flight in the A-10 last night and really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing such an excellent route!

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