Highest load Percentage in IF

Hello guys.
I remember when the C-130 came out, a community member discovered that when all the load sliders on the Herc are on the full right position (plane is at maximum capacity) it is loaded to 201%, which means the C-130 can be filled up to twice its assigned MTOW. Which is pretty remarkable. But that was not the record as we (at least I) thought it was. The Cessna 208 Caravan beats the Hercules by a large percentage. As seen below:

If you look at the status bar, you would notice the Cessna is filled to a whopping 243% of load! That means the Caravan can be filled to nearly 2.5 times it’s assigned MTOW. This must be a record. At least for now.


Interesting, how did you find this


I was playing around in solo when I discovered it by accident. I was trying to test the plane on full load when I noticed this.


I honestly don’t think this needs a topic but interesting find

Interesting find, but do you think this could belong in Infinite Flight World Records?


Negative @bensonb, it’s not done by me. It’s just a fact about the C208.

You do state that it “must be a record” in the original post, but I digress…


Like @HEYEY said, this is not a needed topic. You could’ve added your interesting find on IF World Records 😊


I think the SCA is even more. Not sure though.

@dylonez and @HEYEY

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Don’t be the guy to say it doesn’t belong. If it relates to aviation, it belongs here. We don’t need anymore mods, so let them do their jobs.

@Lamborghini_Life Very cool topic! I will be trying this out!


Ok sorry, this was my fault

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