Highest Flight Time in last 90 Days (Competition)

Hello to all my fellow community members!

I am a frequent IF flier, and I was just wondering who has the highest flight time in the past 90 days (according to their official stats table)?

I have read and commented on numerous posts regarding highest landing or flight time overall, but I believe this will be an interesting topic to discuss and get to know more IF addicts like me #Eat,Sleep,Fly !

Here is a screenshot of my hours (1016 hours to be exact) !!!

Now, to all those who might be thinking I have a ton of free time on my hands, I am a full time medical student. For more info on me, head over to my profile :)

In case you were wondering how I managed to fly so much, I have set out precise timings for my flights. I only fly 13+ hour overnighters and takeoff in such a way that I land after my day is over (around 5pm). Next, I fly a medium haul (3-4 hours) inbound to the daily ATC schedule and finally takeoff again for my overnighter before going to sleep. This cycle has worked for me every day for the past 8 months (when I thought of it) and has worked wonderfully! Ofcourse there might be a few days where I may be unable to fly the ATC flight due to real life commitments, however I try to compensate that on a weekend by doing an even longer flight since I am not in class.

Looking forward to all your comments, and I would love to find out how you manage to keep a high monthly flight time count.


(If possible, post a cropped picture of your stats table)

I have 772 hours in the past 90 days.


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