Highest descent rate you have seen IRL?

This only came to me after the my approach into LTFE/BJV (Bodrum Milas). We began our decent by Izmir and started at around -2500fpm but in a couple of mins we had gone to -4200fpm? So has anyone experience a more higher decent rate?

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I experienced descent of -7000

I was in an Extra 320 with my friend

I don’t usually record my previous flight logs in Flightradar24 therefore I don’t really know which one of the flights had the highest descent. Although I am only flying with Ryanair lately, so the descent rate may be deep at times.

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the highest rate was -2500 feet when i was approaching KOKC in a CRJ-700

im not sure, but my latest BA A321neo flight got as steep as -3200 fp/m.

Im not here to start beef but unless you were on an aircraft with a emergency,I find -7000FPM Hard to believe
7000 feet per minute is like an emergency descent level following a situation when you need to 1.Breathe normally if cabin looses pressure (>8000FT in ≥15 minutes)
2.Get on the ground for an emergency landing
Or 3.Ditching
Please elaborate


I don’t know, neither do I care honestly. All that I care about is if I land safely or not.

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I was in a flight that was in a -3,000 fpm. I assume that ATC wanted the pilot to descend a little more rapidly.

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In cap on an O Flight, our Staff Sergeant stalled the plane at 3500 ft, then pitched down -20 degrees until zooming past 125kts, without the instructor doing anything.

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He was in an extra 320 aircraft, it wasn’t a passenger plane 😂

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Oh wow…sorry about that

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Give him some time he needs to Google it up. Hopefully the had a g-suit on. Also, never heard of an Extra 320 model. There’s a 300 or 230. Maybe I’m wrong…

To answer the OP 4,000/min(FL250-8,000). Atc forgot about us a d kept us high. Luckily we were empty so we complied or else we would have denied that kinda decent.

For a proper approach into an airport it’s tough to beat an approach into Aspen, Co. A 9.6degree descent is quiet steep. If you consider most approaches at done at 3 degrees.


I have experienced a -3000 vs into Mia

A lot 🤷🏽‍♂️ Aerobatics are fun, I will leave it at that lol

About 3800 ft man with the plates up.

That shouldn’t matter. Ryan Air operates there 737s the same as Southwest, Norwegian, Alaskan, Jet2, you name it, they all have the same training and handbook. Sure Ryan Air Pilots May be at the start if there career, and have less experience, but that shouldn’t affect decent rate…

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