Highest Controlled/Controllable Altitude In Infinite Flight

Do you guys know who holds/what is the record for the highest controlled altitude (not the space glitch that sends u to Pluto) but with full control over the aircraft and the highest altitude and what’s the highest you can go without losing control in IF


I think mines was around 40-60k feet

I personally have no idea. Couldn’t find a thread that was legit. Mine is 80,000

I’ve been to FL800 (80,000 feet) and just been able to control it.

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Mine is around 70-100k somewhere in that range

Wonder if someone has gotten to 120-160k


Got to 120k before but couldn’t keep from stalling might have been possible if I patiently step climbed but just firewalled the throttles climbed at 20 degrees then tried to level off didn’t work

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200,000Ft not legit of course. Highest legit I have gotten to was 45,000ft

I think I once managed to achieve controlled level flight in a Citation X at 70,000 feet at least. It was not easy.

This was also in pre-global IF so the scenery was non existent.

Fighter Jet: 70k Commerical: 45k at most

Highest I’ve tried and the highest I would like to go is FL430 (yea, I am that type of guy)

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Unless IF has air-breathing engines require a certain air density, theoretically with the F-22 and vectored thrust it’s infinite as the engines can lift the aircraft straight up with no lift necessary.

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