Highest altitude at which you can cruise in IF

What’s the highest altitude A plane in IF can cruise and also the jets?

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As high as they can in real life. Above that you might end up with engine shutdowns as we don’t have any fuel data for above service ceilings basically :)


Here you go :)


Well in wide bodies I go nowhere above FL410 and in narrow bodies FL380 as that’s the top altitudes I have seen on Flightradar24. Fighter jets I’ve reached FL650.

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Fighter jets I’ve shot into space. Lol

I don’t count that lol

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Lol I know. For real. As @Kate_Russell said, it all depends on the plane.

How I’ve tried so often 😂

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Can anyone like tell me an app I can calculate my stuff like fuel and cargo that tell me what altitude I can cruise like it says that’s 747 can cruise at 45,000 but whenever I get on top on that altitude I either stall or lose control help?

FLPtoIF calculates lots of useful things for a flight

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Well, for starters, the 747 (any variant) cruise ceiling is roughly 41,500ft max, so you will stall or experience engine shutdowns at FL450.

For fuel calculations…

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Thanks guys!

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No problem. Safe Flying!

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I don’t understand this why is it in decimals I cant put in pounds/LBS?

Just multiply whatever decimal by 1000. It’s in decimal form to reduce clutter.

Ok sorry how do I do that? My cargos 50,000 LBS and overall weight of my plane 747 is 750,000 LBS

Get out a calculator, press the 5 button, then the X, then the 1 button, then the 0 button (thrice).

… or was that not your question?

I just need to know how lol to calculate

Calculate what?

Converting 50,000LBS into Decimal like the one shown in the picture