Highest Airport

Hello IFC

Wherever I fly , I fly to and from and have been to many places .

What I was wondering is what the highest airport is.
I often fly in the Boeing 787-10.
I think this is a nice plane to fly in.

787 10

Exactly 100 days before our 100th birthday, the 1st Boeing 787-10 arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, named ‘Orange Blossom’. The -10 is the 2nd type of Dreamliner that we added to our fleet. This Boeing is an extended version of the 787-9 and therefore has more seating capacity.

Aircraft Names,

These Dreamliners are named after flowers, such as Busy Lizzie, Snowdrop and Hyacinth.

Visit the virtual tour,

Regards Martijn, KLM

The highest airport is ZUDC, 14471ft. But in real life only A319 is allowed to fly in. I think.

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That sounds about right

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