Highest airport ZUBD

This should be highest airport in IF! 14218ft, I love this airport, as well as other two in this area, ZUNZ and ZULS. You guys should try these airport, there are lots of fun and challengings to landing at these airport in highest ground of this planet.
Here’s I using MD11 landing at ZUBD. landing speed near 200kt(GS)

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Hmm… This would beat ZUGU Airport then? Nice find. Although, I found ZUDC was at an 14,472ft. Daechong Airport

For whatever reason, I don’t think ZUDC is in Infinite Flight…

Butter on that runway

all airports are included in infinite flight

Nevermind I was wrong


If it’s a new or closed airport it might not be in. A closed airport by me was in IF for a while.

Nice flare, holding yoke, correcting ruddar for a smooth landing! Hold back on rev thrust till aligned all wheels on ground on RW maybe … just a suggestion don’t get me wrong

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