Higher XP Percentage Penalty

I think the penalty of 5% XP reduction for flights where you get a violation per issue is too lenient. I think it needs to be far harsher maybe even 50% or even 100% of XP gained during the flight. This slows down players from getting to higher grades without actually following the rules. We could also have it stack if a player received 3 violations for their flight then they would receive a 150% penalty and lose XP from their tally thus sending them backwards. This would bring more value to the grading system and more reward for those who reach the top grades.

The penalty should be…

  • …kept the same
  • …raised to 50%
  • …raised to 100%

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I think all XP is a little harsh, but I think losing half is fair.


do you agree that it should stack too beyond 100% if they get more than 2 violations? Or a cap at 100%?

I think 50% for the first and 10% more for each additional, never maxing out.

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Definitely stacked, some people might get two and have the mindset of “oh well, lost all my xp anyways, who cares if I keep getting more.”


Thats what I was thinking

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Thats shows leniency though and not maxing out would mean they have a floor where they “dont care anymore”

Not maxing out meaning that they continue to loose 10% of all XP after 100% of that flight’s XP is used.

It should be kept the same and if anything bonus XP should be award for 0 violations.

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I disagree the current system has no effective punishment for getting violations