Higher grades

Honestly confused why there isnt another topic about this…but why stop at grade 5? Give grade 5s something to grind more for and grade 4s like myself to look forward to after grade 5 like grade 6 thats really all not sure what will be wrong with this

Grades are for server eligibility. Once you hit grade 3, you are cleared to enter the expert server. Grade 4 and 5 are for show based on time and dedication.

Plus that same argument would come up after grade 6. Give grade 7 so they have stuff to work on. And then it’s a cycle


Well a grade 6 can show even more time and dedication. No?

How much more dedication would this entail? Personally, Grade 5 requirements are quite difficult for many…so is that not enough? I wouldn’t be against it, but I just don’t think it’s practical.

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You’re not wrong in that it would show even more time and dedication, but Grade 5 is hard enough to get to as it is. You would literally have to revolve 99% of your day around Infinite Flight. Flying all day, every day, 24/7/365, and have to, give or take, do the same thing to maintain your Grade 5.

Not everyone can afford to put forth that kind of time to a game.

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The issue here is that grade means nothing. Grade 5 simply means you can start a flight, fall asleep, and then use APPR to land at the daily hub. It’s not a measure of skill.

No one said anything about skill just something to motivate to work harder sometimes or grind :)

If you’re craving that “grind” you can grind out landings or XP. Both of which don’t require the need for a higher grade. Not sure adding more grades would do anything because once you max out that next grade, we’ll see another feature request asking for additional grades.

A finish line that we’ll never cross…


Quality over quantity guys… grinding doesn’t help and defeats the purpose of a flight simulator.