Higher grade with few flight hours


Approximately mid march (more than 90 days ago) my subscription ran out.
I recently purchased it back again, and did lots of touch and go’s to get back grade 5 in which I used to be on.
So I found that I required 10 hours for grade 4 + 100 landings.
You see I only have 2 hours of flying as this was written and some how when I reached 100 lands (90 days) I’m grade 4…
How could this be? It even states I only have 2 hours of flights and I have met the flight time (90 days) requirements for grade 4.
I’m just curious to find out why I got this freely without needing to fly for another 8 hours!


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Lucky. I reached grade 4 a minute ago, had to earn XP.

Which flight time stat did You need to reach, the 90 day flight time or all of Your flight time?


Can you provide a screenshot of your entire stats table.



As you can see it appears yellow with the landings indicating I have not got enough landings, however it is apparent that I have enough flight hours over 90 days, but I only have 2.

That’s really weird I’ve never seen that before you should send this to #support for more answers.

I actually did, It got moved to here though.

What a bizzare glitch… Maybe just a visual? Maybe You should try to reach the 200 landings and see if You move grades. Or reinstall?

You have to meet the requirement that you pointed out. You need 92 more landings to reach Grade 5.
You’re lacking in the landings in the past 90 days and not in total where you already have exceeded 750, god job on that :)

Doing some Touch n Goes will help you out :)
And try to keep your landings in the past 90 days above 200 to keep your Grade 5 rank once you receive it.

It’s the same for me, i’m also lacking quite a lot in the landings department (past 90 days).

Since you mentioned this…

You haven’t accumulated any landings since i suppose cuz you didn’t have a Sub til recently, then your landings for the past 90 days went down… so to bring it back up as i said, Touch n Goes :)

He has 2 flight hours and grade 5 needs 20, however the 20 is showing up green, not yellow @Captain_JR .


About that one… idk why that has happened, possibly a glitch. He could try what you suggested, Uninstall and Reinstall the app.

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In addition, he is also saying he has Grade 4 even though he has 2 flight hours in the last 90 days compared to the required 10 flight hours.


He could try to do a long haul, since they are easy to perform with Global in our hands, then maybe his Grade Table will update itself after performing a 10h+ flight?

I did reinstall the app a few days ago after I purchased it again.
I should be able to do a long haul next week.

Thanks. We will take it from here.

Closing while we research. Will reopen when we have more details.