Higher Free Cam Zoom Sensitivity


Higher Free Cam Zoom Sensitivity

Over the past few hours I have been using the free cam in the new replay mode quite a lot. In this feature request I am asking for the sensitivity on the zooming and widening of the Free Camera to be a lot higher than it is currently. For it took me about 20 finger spreads (Zooms) to zoom in on this plane which wasn’t even that far away. I can not imagine how long it would take to do a moon shot 😅.

What are your thoughts on my request? And yes I know that there is a feature request on being able to adjust the camera sensitivity but this is slightly different and is directed more at the very slow zoom speed of the Free Cam in the 19.1 update.


A new way to zoom is to click on the right hand of the screen then tilt your device forward or backward.


I have noticed personally that yes, it is a lot slower than in the previous version.


Wow! I did not find that in the list of features in this update. I just tried it out and it’s awesome.

Thanks @Chatta290 for pointing that out to me, I feel very clumsy now 😅.

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No worries I didn’t either until a few hours back. Just thought I would mention this as it will be quicker than zooming in manually.

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