Higher Airplane Count On Live

Hi guys! I’ve been thinking if it was possible to increase the visible plane count on Live for more powerful devices. Usually on FNF you’re not able to see half of the planes in the airport. If this could be implemented, we could take nicer screenshots, and feel as we were in a very busy airport! Please leave your suggestions!

I just want to throw these in quickly from Chris earlier in the year…

What with the level of detail current aircraft are being reworked at (and developed, just imagine release day on the a350, the airport’s will be a madhouse…), Even the most powerful devices are still limited by how much ram they can allocate to the simulator…

It seems like a good idea now, but it would just progressively get worse down the line 😉


Good point, but I feel that depending on each person’s device, everyone should have a limit of planes that they could see. I’m suggesting to raise that top limit, so the more-powerful devices could capture more planes. Not just a fixed limit.
If there are too many planes in the server, then the planes you can see should be under the limit that your device can handle.

The issue there is then to code a version of the app specific to each device that either allows or prevents them from running at an uncapped number of aircraft.
What one device may be able to handle at “medium” might absolutely fry another older phone or tablet… I see your point, but there’s quite a bit more work required than just hitting a “go ham” button 🙃

And also again, RAM limitations. At this point in time, it’s unlikely that many people have a phone with 6gb plus RAM… my razer phone has 8gb, and that’s still not entirely common in most modern smartphones 😉


Don’t forget the ‘Nokia Brick’ option. 😂

Even if this was implemented, it’s would be great, but is a possibility in the years to come when IF upgrades their standards, and the same with our devices.

@Kirito_77 RAM doesn’t actually play a big part in supporting the game

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Sounds like a good idea, but lower end devices will LAG like there is no tomorrow

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I disagree. If IF could increase the number of visible planes to a greater number, everyone should be able to tell if there device starts to lag. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a specific code for every single device.

Please refer to the post I added above from Chris. RAM is very dependent, which is why devices with 1GB struggle to run the simulator.

With too much detail to load in, lower end devices get massively overloaded 🙃

You raise a valid point. But then what’s to say that this increase won’t negatively affect lower end devices as the average visible aircraft are increased? Once again, I refer to my point about aircraft at a higher level of detail. I’m not entirely sure which devices you have in mind, but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing on the market currently that could handle an airport full of 10 a350s 🙃
The developers before have iterated their intentions to one day in the future, increase the number or aircraft visible, but have also said it won’t be coming for some time. 12 aircraft is still a pretty impressive number 🙃


You’re right, but what if theres a way to be able to sense that the device can’t handle 10 a350s?

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There’s a thing called a human. They are modern and powerful technology. They scream when their FPS goes down, and look at their screen quietly when their FPS is running well.

That’s our sixth sense.

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It seems I’m not getting through. Alas, I’ll leave this thread alone. However please just take into consideration it’s something the developers already wish to implement, but have been unable to do so as of yet 🙂

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Actually that would make it our 16th sense.

Personally if Infinite Flight were to ever release it on a computer that would be where we will see it as they are more powerful than a phone or tablet and can handle more things. Knowing that iPads have between 3 and 6GB of ram and can run IF smoothly with with 12 aircraft on the screen we could see them up it in the future, but for now it’s a no vote for me.

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I could see a start in the near future. Correct me if I’m wrong but moving the max planes list from 12 to 13-15 can’t hurt much can it? And if it does could there be a way to know if it’s damaging the device? That’s what I’ve been proposing in this feature request.